Craig & Billie Hoyt & Dan Dewey
3350 Road 77 Brewster, KS

About Our Name:
We calve out on a quarter that has been in our family since 1885.  There is a sodhouse that still stands there today.  My father was born there.  I named the ranch Sodhouse Cattle Co. I guess to honor my ancestors.  They endured a lot of hardships to settle this country.  They survived blizzards, the 30's, the 50's and some tough times.  My hats off to them.

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About Us:
Craig Hoyt was born in 1959 and has lived in Sherman county basically all his life.  He is a 5th generation farmer/rancher.  He graduated from Brewster, KS high school in 1977.  He graduated from Fort Hays State with a degree in animal science.  He then came home to work on the farm and ranch.

At the age of 32 he married Billie Dewey.  Billie and her son Dan really took to the cattle.  It has become a family operation with everyone working together to make it work.  Dan had a very successful career showing shorthorn cattle as a junior exhibitor.  Dan has developed a small herd of cows and runs them with us. 

The cow herd is basically generated from 5 heifers that Craig bought in 1972 as 4-H projects.  We have always tried to be cattle breeders and not cattle traders.  We try and breed cattle that work here in short-grass country.  They are practical and will work anywhere.  We have bulls and show prospect for sale.

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Our goal is to produce easy keeping Shorthorn and Durham Red cattle that fit our environment.  We are located in short-grass country.  Our average rainfall is 17 inches a year.  We run cattle on buffalo grass in the summer and cornstalks in the winter.  We try and run our operation like a commercial operation.  We let the environment apply strict selection pressure for common sense traits like fertility, dispositions, and udder quality.  We tend to raise our own herd sires because we don't like surprises and we have a better handle on their potential.

We have fed cattle in the American Shorthorn Association's "Proof Positive" feedlot trials in order to get data back on our cattle.  We have done the DNA marker Bovigen-Genestar testing on our herd sires to evaluate them.  We select for multiple traits and try to reach a common sense balance.  Our cattle grade well and are plenty maternal.  We have never won a major show, but our heifers are competitive and make good cows after their show-ring careers.  Our Durham Red bulls are solid red and should work as outcross genetics to maximize heterosis in various crossbreeding programs across the country.

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Our Durham Red Program:
I was exposed to Red Angus at Fort Hays State and their Beef Management Center in 1979.  I really liked the cattle.  So when the American Shorthorn Association announced the Durham Red program I became very excited!  Durham Red cattle are Red Angus-Shorthorn composites.  It is the only officially recognized (all British breed) composite.  Composites aren't for everybody, but they have a place in the industry.  We think the Durham Red cattle will be powerful.  We use strict natural selection pressure to sort our cattle.  A cow must raise a calf every year with no excuses.  Our cattle are good uddered and good dispositioned.  We hope to linebreed these composites.  We think they are tailor made for the commercial industry.  I think people are finding out that black hides don't necessarily mean profitability and grading ability.  Stop by and look at our Durham Reds, we think you'll like them.

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Sodhouse Government Mule 812
Our lead off bull from our pen of 5. 3.15 wda, frame 5.2, scrotal 32, 14.7 rea,4.07 imf, with only .24 fat. These are some pretty elite numbers under a growing ration. Full brother to 606.
Sodhouse Little Man
His actual BW was 78#.  His dam was an 1100# cow with excellent fleshing ability.  He is siring moderate framed easy keeping cattle.  Super disposition. His daughters are very moderate and are a lot like gismo daughters (allthough a complete outcross).
Sodhouse Pepper Ann
A full sister to Sodhouse Little Man.  Our son Dan showed her successfully.
Here is a typical Durham Red bull we are producing.  The Durham Red program is a Shorthorn composite program.  Cattle are strictly a Red Angus and Shorthorn combination.  Durham Reds are the only recognized all British composite breed.
He is LJC Valiant R233
This Red Angus bull is the base for our Durham Red program.  He is really moderating our herd and is lowering BW's.
Sodhouse Lancer 606 XDROO151
He is registered Durham Red. We bred him to 21 heifers this last summer.
One of our cows with a Durham Red calf at side. We are in a semi-arid environment. Our main grass is buffalo grass with some western wheat grass. Yucca plants are on the sidehills.

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Cattle For Sale:
Durham Red Bulls available like what are pictured above.
More Information Coming Soon!!
Reserve champion pen of 5 Shorthorn plus bulls
2011 National Western in Denver.
We are in our forth year of the Durham Red program and we are happy with the results. Our purebred Shorthorn program is coming along nicely. Our Sodhouse Little Man daughters are making real moderate cows and we are excited about them. Stop by and see us!
Sodhouse Fancy 510

This smaller made cow is the dam of Sodhouse Lancer 606. She had a 66# BW. She is a very interesting cow as she has raised two calves and both are herd sires for use. Can you say "easy keeping"?

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Craig & Billie Hoyt & Son Dan Dewey 3350 Road 77 Brewster, KS 785-694-2464

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